Worship is the main thing at Glory in the Cowshed. We’re setting aside 72 hours to give God the extravagant praise he deserves and to enjoy his presence and glory as we were created to do!

We believe that worship changes the atmosphere in the nation. There’s significance in gathering from far and wide to declare God’s praise together at a location right in the centre of Scotland.

The emphasis is on vertical worship in the spirit of ‘night and day worship’ – authentic and unforced, joyful and victorious, free from any sense of separation. We leave lots of room for the Holy Spirit to lead us into unexpected adventures. It’s not meant to be a concert; it is rather us coming together in informal, participatory worship as God’s family.

We encourage everyone to worship with the whole of who they are – heart, soul, mind and body – and there will be plenty of opportunity to step beyond your present experience and find your unique expression. We also want to give space for people to enter God’s rest – to soak in his love and not feel pressured to worship in a particular way.

What To Expect

We won’t have 72 hours of the same thing – every set will be different, and the day will be split into sessions with meal breaks. The focus and flavour will vary across morning, afternoon and evening sessions. It may range from the quiet and contemplative to out-right party, but we would ask you to relax, be yourself and above all enjoy it and have fun!

Variety is the spice of life and at Glory in the Cowshed there will be a mix of sung worship and instrumental sections, noisy praise and quiet reflection. We also have some brilliant speakers who will throw in short talks and teachings. Afternoons will be for workshop-style exploration in some aspect of creativity, as well as break-out groups for deep theological discussion with our speakers. There will be opportunity across the week to receive prophetic input and encouragement. For those who love to worship without end, there will be acoustic worship after hours, late into the night. A worshipful atmosphere will be maintained, even during breaks.