Glory in the Cowshed is not a conference. There are many excellent conferences where you can listen to guest speakers and receive bible teaching. The aim is not to copy these but to try and provide an opportunity to experience extended worship, and explore creativity, in a way that is not normally possible in those settings, or indeed in church.

That said, we love sound teaching and have much to share of the theology that has set us free to worship! We also happen to have some fiery speakers and brilliant theological minds coming from far and wide to join us in the Cowshed. These folk, along with others from our team, will be sharing short talks during the main sessions. These will be slotted in in the midst of worship, and some may be spontaneous. At times, sharing may happen while music continues in the background. See it as a ‘worship event with some teaching’ rather than a ‘teaching event with some worship’.

For those who like to delve deep into theological discussion, we will be organising break-out workshops each afternoon where there will be opportunity to sink into a sofa and indulge in deeper teaching from some of our speakers, and have question and answer sessions.

You will find the word of God ministers to you in other (possibly surprising) ways besides listening to someone talking. Morning sessions will offer time for contemplation and meditation.