During one of the nights the barn will be transformed into a contemplative prayer space called the Labyrinth. This is a traditional concept consisting of a winding or circuitous path that leads into the centre of a floor pattern and back out again. The path is a metaphor for our spiritual journey and one is meant to take time to slowly walk it through while in an attitude of meditative prayer.

Our Labyrinth may differ from traditional designs and philosophies – and, perhaps, from any previous labyrinths you’ve walked – but the purpose is similar: to encounter God through experience and allow time to reflect on who he is and who we are in Christ. We’ll set the lighting low, light candles and accompany the experience with appropriate music. Many people find this to be a deeply moving exercise.

Just as in life’s journey, you will encounter others on the path. It’s also ok to pause and hold a thought. And you may walk the Labyrinth as many times as you like.

So much happens over the course of 72 hours that one can easily be overwhelmed! The Labyrinth offers an opportunity to process all that God has been doing in us during Glory in the Cowshed. The truths that God is revealing to us often take a little time to sink in!

Life today is often hectic and stressful. Relax and enter God’s rest. Allow your senses to be filled with the deep reality of knowing God, the Creator and Source of all things.