Whether it’s partying in the presence, or exploring the beautiful surroundings of Comrie Croft, there’s lots of fun to be had during Glory in the Cowshed.

We believe life with Jesus is meant to be enjoyable and we seek to express that with a style of worship that is dynamic, colourful and exuberant. There can be more serious times, of course, but the overall tone is one of fun. The ‘joy of the Lord’ is more than a notional concept; as the Proverb goes, a cheerful heart is good medicine!

One of the best things about Glory in the Cowshed is that it’s shared with others who are just as crazy as you. There will be new friendships formed, old ones strengthened, and quality time spent with like-minded believers. This sense of community is most evident in the breakout area and the courtyard where you can enjoy chilled out chats with friends during the breaks, or an informal jam around the fire pit. On Thursday, after 72 hours have drawn to a close, we plan to share a barbecue in the courtyard.

The relaxed atmosphere allows you to come and go as you please from the main worship space and there will be long breaks when you can get outside. Hire a mountain bike, follow one of the walking trails or enjoy coffee and cake at the Tea Garden. Explore the outdoors with family or friends. This is all part of what Glory in the Cowshed is about!