Arts & Creativity

From the way sub-atomic particles are held together, to the mind-blowing magnitude of the cosmos, God’s creativity is abundantly displayed! Together creation reveals something of the Creator’s character: he loves colour, movement, sound, energy, growth and life. And he clearly does not do things by halves! We, made in his image, are also creative and can give the glory back to him in all kinds of creative and artistic ways.

At Glory in the Cowshed, we make room for different kinds of expressions, recognising that each person is unique and has something that only they can bring in worship. Worship is not restricted to singing songs (though we will do that too!) and there are not rows of chairs. There is space to dance, an art area where you can paint or draw, and cosy corners where you can journal or write poetry.

We have gathered a great group of experienced worship leaders, musicians, artists, dancers and writers, but these few days are not about putting on a show; rather the emphasis is on encouraging and inspiring one another to delve deeper in our experience of God through worship and creativity.

There will be set times in the programme when we will focus on particular artforms in a workshop-style format along with short teachings that will develop your understanding of creativity and its value in the Kingdom. Some of these sessions will develop a prophetic emphasis as we tap into what God is saying and releasing to us and through us. Come and experiment in movement, sound, colour and words. There’s freedom to explore new things – and the possibilities are endless!

You don’t have to be an artist to fit in at the Cowshed. This is for everyone. Feel free just to come and rest in God’s presence if that is where you’re at!