There are many excellent conferences where you can listen to guest speakers and hear the word of God taught. The aim is not to copy these but to try and provide an opportunity to experience extended worship, and explore creativity, in a way that is not normally possible in those settings, or indeed in church.

However, we love and value good biblical teaching – there’s much to share of the theology that has set us free to worship! We will be including short talks at the Cowshed – only most of these will be un-scheduled and dropped into the programme as and when we feel led by the Holy Spirit. At times, sharing may happen while music continues in the background. See it as a “worship event with some teaching” rather than a “teaching event with some worship”.

You will find the word of God ministers to you in other (possibly surprising) ways besides listening to someone talking.

The morning devotions are led by a speaker and provide an opportunity to meditate on scripture.